Unlock All

A simple guide to use our Unlocker + Spwoofer

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  1. Load the download before you open COD.

  2. Enter in your license key and click "Enter" on your keyboard (PURCHASE HERE)

  3. If you have followed our troubleshooting process it will say "Successfully Loaded"

  4. You will go in game and everything will be unlocked. (See below to stay away from bans)

  5. Do you get an error code? Refer to the text below.

Click the texts below to be redirected to the individual guides.

Stay Away From Bans:

  • Don't use unreleased items.

  • Save your camos as blueprints.

  • Don't use the unlocker on a fresh account or be careful on the low level accounts


As soon as you enter in your key (whether you get an error or not) your time will start to decrease. We will no longer replace keys that expire due to this. If you require a "HWID Reset" please make a ticket in our discord and state your reason. You do not need to our download our spoofer separately, this product integrates it seamlessly.

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