Disable Anti-Cheat

How to disable any Anti-Cheats

Open your system configuration (press Win+R -> type msconfig -> press enter)

  1. Navigate to the "Services" tab

  2. Check the "Hide all Microsoft services" box

  3. Search the list for: Easy Anti-Cheat, BattlEye etc.

  4. Uncheck the services that are anti-cheats

  5. Click apply

  6. Restart your PC

  7. Follow the guide below (This will not delete your game, the anti-cheat will re-download whenever you play the game again)

Valorant (Riot Vanguard), ESEA, FaceIT:

For Riot Vanguard, ESEA, and FaceIT, you will need to go into your Apps & Programs in Windows settings to uninstall it fully. They are very invasive and will block the driver from loading.

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